A black and gray Limited Edition Super Sea Wolf World Time

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The Limited Edition
Super Sea Wolf
World Time

A close up photo of a red world time outer ring.

Inspired by our love of travel and exploration, Zodiac originally created the World Time in 1970.

Today’s iteration features a traditional universal Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) tracker paired with a world time outer ring and rotating bezel denoting 24 global cities. Combined, this allows you to track two time zones simultaneously, making this limited edition the culmination of expert timekeeping and style.

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How it Works


The special feature of the World Time is its bezel, which includes 24 time zones, represented by cities all over the globe.


Track and compare time zones around the world by aligning the bezel city marker that represents your time zone with the current time on the 24-hr. ring.


Now you can track a second time zone (or 23 others) at a glance.

An image of a Limited Edition Super Sea Wolf World Time with lines pointing to different features.
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A Legacy Since 1882

For over a century, we've been dedicated to the excellence in precision,
design and craftsmanship associated with authentic Swiss horology ...
and breaking a few rules along the way.

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